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Welcome to my virtual space. (educational change maker) is a blog devoted to education. My aim is to promote the need for transforming education – the way we teach and things we teach  in order to make young people ready to survive in the era of machines and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As a principal I change the work culture of my school – we create a learning organization by combining academic knowledge with new methods, as well as social and future skills development. As a Microsoft school we  share our experience among other educators to show the value of using new technologies in a reflective way. As a blogger and speaker (e.g. TEDx speaker) I disseminate the need for transforming education. Finally as a trainer I teach others how to do it. I’m actively involved in many cooperations of communities, e.g. Microsoft Innovator Educator Experts (MIEE) and The Global Change Leaders (Ashoka Foundation). I also created an educational change makers community to empower other educators. Additionally I’m initiator and coordinator of this year´s all Poland conference Power School, powered by Microsoft.

I’m eager to co-operate with other educators who believe in the need for transforming education, feel free to write:

dailyedventures – February 13, 2018 “The biggest challenge is to transform the way we teach – and what we teach – to ensure students survive in the era of machines and AI.”

TEDx Gdynia 2018

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